Ihor Sribniak. Encyklopedia jeniectwa: ukraiński Łańcut
Неділя, 06 січня 2019, 17:07

Ihor Sribniak.Encyklopedia jeniectwa: ukraiński Łańcut. Warszawa-Paryż: Międzynarodowy konsorcium naukowo-edukacyjny im. Luciena Febvra, 2018. 115 s.


The book analyzes the conditions of stay and the main manifestations of the cultural and educational activities of interned Ukrainian soldiers in the camp of Łańcut (Poland) in 1920-1921. During this time, the camp changed its status several times (prisoners' camp – Ukrainian national team – camp of the interned), but each time Ukrainian soldiers established an intense national-cultural life in it. The camp laborers of Ukrainian soldiers have always been full of domestic difficulties, but due to the activities of cultural and artistic organizations (theater, choir, orchestra) the life of the interned was filled with hope for the best. In addition, studying in camp schools, attending various educational courses allowed all those wishing to fill their stock of knowledge, which was extremely important in terms of camp isolation. It should be noted in particular that the camp press successfully performed an extremely important mission of consolidating the national consciousness of war and strengthening their moral spirit, which largely allowed preventing destructive processes in the environment of the interned. The overwhelming majority of the interned was ready to continue to withstand the disadvantages of the camp's existence, sincerely believing in the ideals of the Ukrainian People's Republic and the inevitability of the overthrow of Soviet power in Ukraine.

Key words: interned; camp; officers; soldiers; Ukrainian People's Republic army; Łańcut, Poland.